Five Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone at Top Performance

09/29/2016 admin 0

Many people buy smartphones for two main purposes, sense of style and performance. Using a smartphone, you can download and listen to music, connect with friends on social media, make photos and edit them, and prepare presentations. Besides, some smartphones like the Nokia Lumia can be turned into a computer by connecting to a smart TV or LECD monitor. Because of these diverse applications, the poor performance of a smartphone can be very troublesome. However, you can keep your smartphone in top condition using the following 5 tips.

  • Keep the battery fully charged and avoid very high temperatures

Many smartphone batteries will last longer if they are kept charged and free from high temperatures. By keeping the battery fully charged, the cells stay active and will last between 2-4 years. Besides, you should avoid keeping the phone at very high temperatures because the cells easily get damaged. For example, avoid placing the phone on oven tops at home, industry boilers, and house heaters.

  • Close all unused applications and uninstall the ones you do not need

Unlike a common desktop or laptop, a smartphones processing capacity is smaller. Accordingly, the smartphone can become very slow if a lot of applications are running at the same time. For example, if you had installed conversion software for converting music and no longer need it, the best thing is uninstalling completely. It is prudent to identify the apps you do not use and close or uninstall them. Use special software such as a task killer app that works like the desktop task manager to see and close some applications.

  • Regularly update the operating system

Your smartphone is like a small handheld computer. Just like the computer requires regular software updates, you also need to update the smartphone operating system. Whether you are running on Android, iOS or Windows, make sure to get updates to keep the phone at top performance at all times. By updating the system, you are sure of being protected from regular malware attacks and repairing corrupted or damaged files. Updating the file will also help to clear unwanted apps that run without your notice in the phone background.

  • Restore factory settings once in a while

Restoring factory settings means getting the phone to the same status it was in when bought. This clears all the apps, stored data, files, and other additional details so that it works just like when it was new. This action should only be carried out when the phone becomes cloggy, excessively slow, or you suspect someone has installed a bug.

  • Clear the browser cache

When you surf the web, the browser maintains a cache folder that can build up over time and cause clogging and drops in performance. The cache is also an easy target for intruders targeting your phone. After some time, make sure to clear all the cache so that the browser is faster and more effective. You can also set the browser to clear the cache automatically.