4 Simple Ways to Boost Credit Rating after Getting a No Credit Mobile Phone

10/18/2016 admin 0

Getting a phone contract with bad credit can be an uphill task. Many phone companies operate with the main target of optimizing profits. Clients applying for contracts with poor credit are considered risky parties and phone companies do not want to work with them. However, you can still get no credit check mobile phones using the following ways;

  • Selecting a cheaper phone
  • Settling for a SIM-only phone
  • Raising some deposit
  • Liaising with the phone company directly

Once you have gotten the phone of choice, your attention should shift to raising your credit score as fast as possible. While many people express the difficulty of improving their credit rating, it does not have to be that way.

The following are four simple ways of boosting your credit score

  • Correct your credit score report

Financial institutions and phone companies use credit agency reports to know your credit score. Because the credit report is prepared by agencies, there is a risk of errors because they are third parties. They gather reports from banks, insurance, mortgage, and other institutions to get data to calculate your score. Therefore, if one of the parties such as a bank or a mortgage company delays or gives incorrect information, the report will reflect incorrect credit scores. Accordingly, you should get the credit report and correct all errors.

  • Borrow small personal loans

One of the major factors that contribute to your credit score is how you clear debts. To get more points from this, consider borrowing small personal loans and repaying them as fast as possible. If you can raise some deposit, some banks can even allow you to borrow from your own account.

  • Pay off your debts

Outstanding debts pull your credit score down with a very great margin and must be reduced and cleared as fast as possible. One of the best methods of paying off your debts is reviewing them to know the least amount that can be paid on each of them. Then, commit the overhead amount to clearing the debt that has the smallest balance. Within a very short period, the small loans will be cleared completely as you continue paying others.

  • Avoid being a victim of credit card fraud

Credit scores can nose-dive if thieves steal your identity and create new accounts running up huge debt in your name. To prevent this, it is important to review credit card reports every month to check for errors and raise an alert in case of suspicious activities. You should also set a hard-to-crack passwords, keep them safe, and avoid sharing on social media or SMS.

  • Maintain bank accounts and credit cards in your name

For spouse using partner’s names, learners using parents’ money or group members without personal accounts, building a good credit history can be difficult. It is important to open and run personal accounts with your name and details. Accounts with monthly bills and utilities will help to build a positive history over time.


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