Why Sony Xperia Z3 plus is the best for seniors

09/30/2016 admin 0

When you set out shopping for a phone for seniors, the process can be very challenging. While simplicity is the bottom-line, I came to appreciate the need for customization that is only possible with the latest models. After trying four different smartphones when looking for a perfect phone for my dad, Sony Xperia Z3 Plus stood out above them all. Here is my story and how it has made my life with dad easier though I stay in London, 262 kilometres from him in Manchester.

Easy to customize Xperia Z3 Plus large buttons

As my dad keeps growing older, his eyesight has suffered more compared to other parts of the body. I set the smartphone to feature only larger buttons so that he can easily see and use them. Though this is very important for the ‘call’ and ‘end call’ buttons, I set the phone to display everything in larger numbers for easier use. Unlike in the past when he used to confuse most of the numbers, the problem has been resolved completely.

Easy monitoring at all times

Though my dad insists that he can take care of himself, his memory is fading fast and I have to monitor him regularly. In addition to the house sitter, the Xperia Z3 Plus has a very strong GPS that makes it easy to monitor his movement. To make monitoring even easier, I installed monitoring software on the phone to be able to use geo-fencing technology. I have designated the home and neighbouring church as safe zones and all others as unsafe. Every time my dad gets out of the safe zone, his phone sends an alert to me all the way in London. It is because of this that I had to get a phone with a good internet connection and Xperia Z3 Plus has not disappointed in this regard.

Images for numbers in the contact and call list

For my dad, identifying images is easier compared to numbers. Before I got the Xperia Z3 Plus, he kept complaining of being unable to get numbers on the contact list. However, I set the phone to display large images together with numbers he calls often. For example, the numbers of my sister, younger brother, uncle, and other people he recognizes using these images. This has made it easy for him when making a call or to know who is calling.


Clear loud sound

The same way that my dad’s eyesight has been fading with time, so is his hearing. I have set the Xperia Z3 Plus call tone with his favourite gospel song that he keeps whistling, even at midnight. In addition to this, the sound from the phone’s stereo speakers is free from noise and he easily recognizes the voice of the caller. I no longer have to introduce myself when calling because he can recognize my voice.

Sony Xperia Z3 Plus has a very long battery life

One thing I was very particular about when looking for my dad’s phone is the strength of the battery. I wanted a phone that could stay on for several days in case he forgets to charge it. In fact, many are the times I call in the evening to remind him to plug the phone into the mains. Because he is rarely playing music or downloading items online, the phone is idle in his pocket and takes about 3 days before dying off. The Sony Xperia Z3 Plus has provided the peace of mind that allows me to feel like I am with dad at all times. I can easily tell where he is, make calls, and let him feel the love of a caring son even though I am miles away.