Is Your Partner Spying On You Using Modern Apps? What You Need To Know

09/30/2016 admin 0

When the Daily Mail reported the story of the intensive use of spy apps in India, many people here in the UK took notice. Modern software has made bugging easy and gives the user complete access to their partner’s phones and even allows eavesdropping of calls on real-time.


Many spy on their partners secretly though laws criminalize it

In India, using spy apps is easy because the country is devoid of a proper legal framework. However, though the UK has a clear legislation that criminalizes eavesdropping calls or accessing other people’s phones without their knowledge, modern apps makes it easy to break that law without being caught.

These spy apps are very small and can be downloaded using the target phone in less than 5 minutes. In some cases, the spy software can be installed without having to jailbreak a phone. Once installed, the apps hide in the phone system and are rarely detected. For as long as the phone is on, the spying software makes it easy to listen to calls and see all messages.

As far as the spying partner does not raise suspicion, it will be very difficult to detect the software. Therefore, the spouse listens to your calls with an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or other friends to substantiate their suspicions. To avoid being caught, many people use the spy information to form the basis for investigations without revealing they ever spied.

How spy apps gather information from your smartphone

The spy apps are designed to run on most smartphones the way Trojan horses operate. Once installed on a target phone, the spying partner is required to open an online account where he/she can monitor all info on the phone.

  • Direct eavesdropping: Every call will be listened to in real-time. Besides, some apps record the conversation.
  • Messages: All the messages you send or receive will be accessed remotely. The apps even get the messages that you have already deleted from the list.
  • Access to your social media accounts and all communications: The app grabs your login details, captures all communications, and even allows the user privilege to block some profiles.
  • Access to your stored data: The photos, videos, and documents you have stored on the phone will also be accessed, copied, stolen, or even destroyed.
  • Using GPS technology, the spy apps can easily pinpoint where you are in real-time and even activate the microphone to record the surrounding noises.


What is the solution? Is there a way out?

The solution to addressing the problem is trying to understand how spy software works. By learning about the apps, it is easy to check at the phone behaviour. Remember that many people become paranoid when they think someone is spying on them. To know if someone is spying on you, look for a change of phone behaviour such as faster battery drain, strange background noises, random shutdown, blocking of numbers, heavy data use, and closing of social media profiles.

If you strongly suspect that the phone is being spied, it is still very difficult to prove it. The best thing to do is removing the software. Backup all your data and restore factory settings. This will clear all data and leave the phone the same way it was when new. You can also update your software which clears all applications.